Summer Internships 2016

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Application Instructions
Please submit CV, cover letter, transcripts and a sample of some of your previous writing in ONE merged PDF document named with your first and last name to

Before submitting an application please download the INSTRUCTIONS PDF below and read carefully.


NOTE; in your cover letter please state the desired term and dates that you will be available this summer

Summer 2016 Internships

The recruitment for the summer 2016 internship session has begun.

The schedule for the internship program is as follows;

December to January 31 – taking applications

February 01 to February 15 – interviews

End of February - offers sent out

June to August - internship

The Internship offer Includes:

• Work assignment

• Assistance in housing

• Traveling expenses to and from Iceland

• Monthly compensation



Please submit CV, cover letter, transcripts and a sample of some of your previous writing in ONE merged PDF document named with your first and last name to


"I first heard about CRI by surfing the web, looking for sustainable fuel companies. I needed a company where I could do my masters thesis. What I kikes about the internship is that I learned a lot about methanol economy, and how to evaluate projects in different countries around the world. I also learned how to make an economic analysis of a methanol plant, and hoe to calculate a carbon footprint of it. I would highly recommend the internship to other potential interns, since I see it as a great opportunity of entering the business world, and at the same time to get to know a beautiful country as Iceland."

Ignacio Breide Obeid Intern 2016


 "Over the internship, my knowledge of the methanol industry, the industrial gasses industry, and the industrial chemical industry, has increased by leaps and bounds. I am grateful to CRI for the industrial learning experience. Overall, my primary takeaways from this summer are the importance of consistent and honest communication with my supervisor, the interconnectedness of the business mentality with grandiose desire for environmentally  sustainable fuel, and a personal improvement in confidence in presentations to supervisors. I enjoyed the laid-back yet focused atmosphere of the office and the diversity of the languages spoken between employees and interns alike. This was a fantastic summer at CRI in Iceland and I am glad to have had the experience of working at Carbon Recycling International!"

Rachel Margolese Intern 2016



“One of the main reasons I chose to join Carbon Recycling International (CRI) for the summer was the chance to be a part of a company playing a role in combating the increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. My contributions were aimed at increasing the efficiency of their novel emissions-to-liquid (ETL) process. I would highly recommend this internship for those who have a passion for designing and analyzing sustainable energy systems, and a desire to explore a beautiful country with a unique spirit. Thank you for the great summer at CRI." 

Katie Rowe Intern 2014


"I accepted an internship position at CRI because it presented itself as a quality opportunity to see how a start-up renewable energy company runs both technically and within the energy market. It also had non-professional perks with the European social life and the chance to extensively explore the beautiful, unique landscape that is Iceland. Socially, CRI provided excellent sponsored trips in the form of white-water rafting and mountain biking that fit very nicely with my athletic lifestyle and allowed me to interact informally with a few employees outside of the office. Intern-planned journeys across the island also allowed for further bonding time amongst the interns and experiences that I will never forget."

Chad Piersma Intern 2014


„This summer internship changed my life. Literally. In addition to the standard "learned a lot", "really grew as a person" (the life-skills aspect of internships was particularly emphasized here at CRI), and "traveling abroad to Iceland for the summer changed my perspective", I really nailed down my academic and career plans as a result of putting my academics to use in a work setting. This involved significant changes to my academic trajectory – I want to do what my project was about as a career!"

Tristan Applegate Intern 2014


"I started my internship at CRI after completing the third year of my Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal. When I received the job offer, I did not know exactly what to expect. I was interested in CRI's green emissions-to-fuel process and I had heard that the internship was very structured towards skills development. For these reasons, I jumped at the offer, not realizing that it would surpass my expectations of how productive and valuable my experience would be."

David Bailey Intern 2013

Past Interns have said

  • This internship sharpened my skills at independent work. I was forced to decide what I needed to do, design what deliverables would convey the completed work, and how I should approach certain problems.
  • I developed my presentation making skills, and my speaking skills. I have never had to present work in a non-academic setting in the past, so it was useful to learn how to give a style of presentation where the lens of view of the subject may be so different from my own. I also developed my report writing skills, and addressed how to convey technical information to a business minded audience. Finally, I enjoyed learning how a patent is designed and written, and learning the language and logic used in patent formation.
  • Living in Iceland for this internship was fun. Because there were many interns from abroad at the same time, we were all housed in the same location, along with interns from abroad from other companies. It was nice to meet so many different people, and learn about the experiences and cultural differences from around the world. Additionally, having a group allowed us to travel, and experience Iceland on the weekends.
  • I enjoyed hiking, camping, snowmobiling, rafting, biking and sightseeing with other interns, (and employees). It was great to be able to play “football” (soccer) or go bowling or out to dinner with others in the evenings.
  • Iceland was a new experience for me, and living here for a summer has broadened my international perspective. I learned about geothermal resources, and the way people use energy. I enjoyed having 24 hours of daylight during the middle of the summer, and going to Reykjavik’s geothermal pools. Iceland is a naturally beautiful country, and having a chance work in Iceland has provided a broader opportunity than any vacation or trip could’ve provided.
  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to intern at Carbon Recycling International ( CRI). It was a wonderful learning experience, one which I will cherish for a long time to come.
  • High quality is of significant importance to CRI and to deliver it, I was required to perform multiple checks before releasing work. This inculcated in me a practice of self-check and often left me with insights into CRI’s business which otherwise seemed unobvious. In addition to this I learnt simple workplace etiquette such as documentation, presentation skills, writing and reporting skills and interaction with a multinational and multicultural employee environment – all of which were firsts for me.
  • I would recommend working for CRI to any student looking for an internship experience which allows significant learning coupled with relevant deliverables that could help to shape the company’s future.
  • I am grateful to have had this opportunity of working in CRI, and all the competences gained will be useful in my future career of engineer.
  • Keys to learning at CRI are multiple, the way of presenting my deliverables learning about how to make clear oral presentations, how to be efficient under pressure, and last but not least take time to understand the problem and the way to solve it.
  • Concerning the strategy of resolving these tasks, I learned to structure a problem and to try to solve it via a framework. One of the most important things I will remember for the future during will be: don’t forget to check all the time after finding a result, to observe the consistency of this since it could affect a lot all the work you have done before.
  • When I started my internship at CRI early summer 2010 I was excited to have the opportunity to work in a company that is developing processes to turn emissions to fuels and being a part of a company doing its part for the environment. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed to a vibrant, intellectual environment where everybody was willing to help each other.
  • The other great thing about my internship at CRI was the international environment. Working alongside me were interns from many different parts of the world, including USA, France, India and China. I made great friends and we all had a lot of fun at the office and outside of it. Being around and learning about all these different cultures was fun and is something everybody would benefit from.
  • Becoming an intern at CRI is something I would recommend to anybody interested in having an opportunity to study things in their own field and are ready to learn the demands of the workplace. Doing this in the vibrant environment of CRI and in a group of peers is something I’m very thankful for having had the opportunity to do.