MefCO2 Project - Synthesis of Methanol from Captured Carbon Dioxide Using Surplus Electricity

Demonstrating the flexibility of CRI‘s Emissions-to-Liquids technology with variable loads

Carbon Recycling International (CRI) in collaboration with industrial partners from Germany, Spain and Belgium is implementing its Emissions-to-Liquids technology in an innovative renewable fuel pilot plant. The project has a budget of 11 million Euros and is partially funded by a grant from the EU Horizon 2020 SPIRE research program.

The project will run from 2015 to 2018 and involves the design, construction and testing of systems to demonstrate the utilization of intermittent renewable energy sources and CO2 for the production of sustainable fuels and chemicals.

CRI's role in the project consists of the design, manufacturing and installation of a dynamic power-to-fuels system. The facility will recycle captured CO2 from the emissions of a coal-fired power plant.

The project partners include Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe as system integrator, Hydrogenics as provider of electrolyzer equipment and several universities and research institutions in Europe.

MefCO2 project website