Validating Opportunities for ETL in Upgrading Byproduct Hydrogen and Increasing Capacity Utilization of Existing Power Plants

Carbon Recycling International (CRI) develops, markets, and produces renewable methanol from industrial CO2 emissions. The company markets and distributes renewable methanol (RM, Vulcanol) in EU and Iceland. Vulcanol can be blended with gasoline in low level blends suitable for all gasoline powered cars. CRI is planning larger production at other sites in Iceland.

JOB SUMMARY: The assignment is to research, identify and prepare analysis for potential clients in EU and Canada using CRI’s ETL technology as well as establishing first contact.

QUALIFICATIONS: Masters of economics, business or engineering (end of first year studies or graduating)

SKILLS: Ability to do independent fact finding and analysis

Excellent English writing skills

Good analytical skills

Superb Excel and PowerPoint skills

Proven experience in financial modeling and writing reports

TASKS: Creating a task list and outlining the scope of the project

Writing memorandum(s) and a final report(s)

Gathering information and data

Calculations, simulations and model constructions

Weekly reporting

Bi-weekly presentations

DELIVERABLES: Reports and models accepted by supervisors